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The CN Rail plans on constructing a 185 ft. communication tower in downtown Makanda in the business district.  The historic H.L. Bell building from 1897 houses several local businesses and the proposed tower build site will effect the natural beauty and old time feel our historic town.  Many of the local home owners and I believe all the store owners feel that if the tower site could be located down the valley in a less populated area, that would benefit the local residents and business owners.  The other factor is that the location is known as a southern Illinois scenic destination for people from all over the state and beyond.  Some residents have concerns about the tower obstructing the view of the 2024 Total Eclipse.  No matter the reason chosen by residents why there should not be a tower in the center of our small town, we all agree that it would be better out of sight, than right in the middle of our beloved village.

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